Trial Guide


Trial Guide is our smartphone application that acts as a reference and reminder tool for research study subjects or subject caregivers. This app is available free on both iOS and Android.

This informative tool will allow your subject to have everything they need to know about the study at their fingertips. The specific materials and format of information in the app is widely customizable based on study specifications.

In general, the subject will be able to see their study schedule, site contact information, and study specific information all in the same mobile app. A library with study-specific information and glossary terms will allow your subjects to access information they need between appointments, such as dosing instructions, subject ID cards and well-being tips. If your subject needs to reach out to you, your site contact information is conveniently located in the app as well.

Subjects with the Trial Guide app will also receive study reminders and messages directly through the app in the form of push notifications on their phone. When using the Trial Guide app, your subject will never feel out of the loop during their time in your study. Please refer to the diagram below for a more detailed look at what the Trail Guide app has to offer!