SMS Reminders


SMS Reminders

The mPal system allows the option for one-way or two-way text messaging communication between the site and the subject. The text message communication option allows study specific reminders and messages to be sent directly to the subject’s phone via SMS text message. Whether text messaging will be one-way or two-way is determined by study specific protocol requirements.


With one-way text messaging, your subject will receive all messages in a standard text format, but will not be able to reply to the messages they receive.


Our two-way text messaging option works a little bit differently than the back and forth texting you may be familiar with. Rather than live two-way texting between individuals, these interactive messages and response options for two-way texting are set up at the beginning of the study. That means that when certain messages are sent to subjects, responses will only be recorded if the subject replies with a specific recognized response.


Please let us know if you have a specific question about text message reminders and your study!