mPulse (ePRO and Diary Collection)



mProve Health is a leading provider for various clinical research solutions, including meeting Electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePro) needs. We customize each ePRO package based on individual study needs. We offer provisioned device solutions in addition to the mobile technology solutions required for each specific study.

ePRO Technology

Our mobile application, Trial Guide, houses a comprehensive electronic subject reported outcome survey that is customized based on study requirements. The ePRO survey is located in the “Diary” tab and is easily accessible to subjects.

Once Trial Guide captures the subject reported outcomes, the data is transmitted to our site-facing platform, called mPal. This data is readily available for study coordinators and study teams at any time throughout the study. The reporting interface will vary based on the requirements defined by the study team.

Reporting can be accessed through the mPal system. Simply log in to mPal and click “Reports” to find the report with the relevant data set. Specific report details are located in Site Reference Guides for each study.

eDiary Devices

mProve’s Site Optimization Team works directly with study team members to meet provisioned device requirements. Distribution models vary from study to study. If you have a question about your specific study, please submit a support ticket!

eDiary Troubleshooting

If a subject is having problems with their eDiary, please ask the subject to contact the subject helpdesk. This number is located on the device sticker on the back of the device, or in the subject reference guide. If your site is having trouble with eDiary data transmitting into the reporting interface, please contact our team immediately. We’re more than happy to help!