Downloading Trial Guide


Downloading Trial Guide

After a subject has completed the contact authorization form, the study staff should add the subject/caregiver into mPal.

Once a mobile application profile is saved, please follow the steps below to download and activate the mobile application.

  1. Download the application by clicking the link included in the Welcome message, or ask him/her to search for “Trial Guide” in the App or Google Play Store.
  2. After downloading, ask the subject to select “yes” to receive push notifications
  3. Ask the subject to return to the welcome message and click the link again. This will activate the mobile application.

If your subject can’t locate the welcome message, or if they have an activation error, please resend an activation code by logging in to mPal, selecting the subject profile and clicking “Send Activation Code”.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of Trial Guide Download and Activation, please click on the following links:

For ANDRIOD Devices: Downloading Trial Guide on an Android Device

For IOS (Apple) Devices: Downloading Trial Guide on an iOS Device