mProve Health Introduciton


mPal (Mobile App and Text Message Solutions)

mProve Health offers a variety of mobile technology tools that are subject, site, and trial centric! Our team has worked closely with each study team to customize a series of subject retention, engagement, and patient reported outcome tools that are designed to meet and exceed study retention and compliance goals.

You can feel safe offering mProve Health mobile technology tools to your subjects, as the materials have been strategically created and have all been IRB approved.

Our tools provide a wide array of messaging and reminder services, such as appointment reminders, medication reminders, and appreciation messages.

The messaging services we provide have been customized for each study and subject, and are sent automatically to reduce the burden on site staff.

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When you use mPal, you will never have to worry about your subject being in the dark. Our reminder messaging system provides your subjects with ongoing, automatic, and personalized messages throughout you study. You can rest assured that your subjects are always on track and in the know.

Our mPal system coordinates and sends IRB and Ethics Committee approved study specific messages directly to the subject’s mobile device. If the study involves caregiver, guardian, or parent involvement, our system can send similar reminders to these individuals.

The mPal system sends messages directly to a subject’s mobile device using either standard text messaging , push notifications through our Trial Guide mobile app, or email. These messages are all customized to each subject’s specific protocol schedule. Our messages can include appointment reminders, medication reminders, or even motivational messages to let your subject know they are doing great! All you have to do is take one minute to set a subject up in the mPal system. After that, messages and reminders will be sent automatically for the duration of the study. Never worry again about keeping in touch with every single subject, we’ve got that covered!