Are the reminders one-way or two-way?



  • The mPAL text messaging service offers one or two-way SMS messaging directly to patients. This can be configured for each study based on the needs of the study at hand.
  • If the study configures the messaging as a one-way service, any replies to the text message (other than the word STOP to end message reminders) will inform the subject that the message inbox is not monitored and direct them to contact their site. These replies are not sent to the study site unless requested by the Sponsor or CRO. In this way, there is no opportunity for the sites to be exposed to any potential AEs from the study patients.
  • If a patient is using the smartphone app, the app can be configured to allow for confirmations or not. If confirmations are allowed, a patient can confirm that they can attend an appointment or confirm that they have taken a dose. The site coordinator will receive a periodic report indicating which patients have confirmed, or they can check confirmation status at any time by logging into the mPal website.